DEMON SQUAD   «The Scourge»  

Really bad sound quality was my first impression….and my second impression as well (the invasive presence of the drums parts in the mix is beyond what you can expect from something nowadays recorded). Once I managed to get past the block caused by the production work, I was able to find some quite skilled thrashing death metal. The music is mainly fast ‘tempoed’ but our land-maters add often very nice slow paced (almost atmospheric) passages which nicely increase the quality level of the songs recorded here. On the other side, some themes are perhaps a little bit too long and should for my opinion benefit from a shortening of their length. The death metal structures are thus ‘personalized’ with both thrashy guitar riffs schemes and more groovy breaks that avoid giving a linear death metal impression to the whole product. To sum up and despite some production mistakes, Demon Squad recorded a good first demo.