CREEP COLONY   «Verdens Ende»  

This is why Norway shall always be regarded as the most importance scene in the black metal underground. At first, this little self released album can be regarded as a good and inspired attempt at recreating the good old days of Norwegian black metal as it sound not unlike Darkthrone or Carpathian Forest first albums. Of course, there is a large amount of «Black Shining Leather» about their sound but there is also so much more bolted on that Creep Colony musicians really stand head and shoulders above most of the nowadays black metal hordes. Not only, have the band’s song-writers used the usual black metal patterns but also more original groovy thrash / sleazy rock structures. Some of the guitar lines they deliver are strikingly original in a black metal context and the band really brings in something refreshing to the scene. Try to find this little album if you regard yourself as an open minded black metal listener.