«Creation of Mist»


Symbolic were an unknown musical entity to me ‘till I get their first self released full-length (which appears to be the band’s first and only studio visit). I first thought I had to make once again with another bombastic death black metal horde but I was wrong as Symbolic are a four piece of the Polish school of modern thrashing death metal. Musically, this means that you get a mostly high paced, melodic thrash metal assault, with a distinctive Scandinavian background. Vocals are mostly shouted with some more boring clean passages (which increase the nu metal filiation of the whole project). There are a lot of rhythmic guitar lines too which perfectly complement the thrash orientated bass / drums foundation. This is mostly evident in songs such as «Anger Reborn» or «Sons of Fear». In few words, «Creation of Mist» is a nice contribution to the nowadays Swedish / Danish orientated thrash death waves perhaps a little bit undermined by the addition of poor clean vocal lines.