HOKUM   « No Escape »  

Hailing from Munich, Germany, Hokum are offering us 6 tracks of old-school Metal, mixing various genres, mainly Thrash Metal with some really catchy riffing and most of all, some superb solo parts like in « Silent Assassin ». Slow melodic passages get the full throttle treatment with some Thrash/Death accelerations of various styles.
Vocally speaking, Hokum rather sound like they’re heavily influenced by Death Metal, and once again, the old-school side of it. Nothing groundbreaking, kinda old Max Cavalera after he has drunk some acid.
Unlike most so-called Thrash Metal bands popping up every day, this band really has the taste of good ol’ Thrash from the late 80’s with its crunchy and catchy riffs and long instrumental, guitar orientated parts.
Nice sleeve and packaging, good sound, great musicianship, it doesn’t lack much to see the band climb the next ladder !