«En Hymne Til Dauden»


While old school Norwegian black metal is hardly a rare thing these days, there’s no doubt that there are still some awesome acts out there doing this thing and creating / composing some incredible soundscapes of black metal. Skaur’s previous work «Nordmann Nord Norsk Svartmetall» (see the demo reviews section - autumn 2005) already created quite a stir in Norwegian black metal circles with its raw and ice cold atmospheres. So I was looking for more of the same classy first hour black metal and what I get is a complete black metal masterpiece (a word now often used in my reviews). First of all and despite some obvious connections, the music delivered throughout the complex and multi faced song «En Hymne Til Dauden» has a lot more to offer than most of the Burzum songs. For my opinion, Skaur are superior in producing the coldest, blackest and rawest Norwegian black metal on the planet. The musicianship of this guy is almost incredible and its ability to create a song with different approaches in both structures and atmospheres is simply breath taking. Eventually, what amazes me is how Skaur can play the rawest / most primitive music around yet still manage to generate this through so many different atmospheres, thus proving that raw black metal doesn’t have to sound like it’s been recorded in a toilet to sound true. This is a sensational demo… I love this.