EMBODIMENT   «Legeon»  

More aggressive yet melodic thrashing death metal music from the Netherlands which usually impress me and the first album of Embodiment is absolutely no exception. The band was formed more than a decade ago and this is something you can directly guess at the listens of those eight tracks (they don’t seem to be too prolific). As you directly can hear, some thrash Scandinavian influences are noticeable (mainly in both the guitar and the vocal departments) but nothing too unoriginal or even too blatant. There is actually no need to dissect this release because «Legeon» forms above all a cohesive whole and if you take just the guitar patterns, just the bass drums frameworks or anything else on its whole, it shall certainly be meaningless and it’s only when all those ingredients are all together that the full impact became obvious. Good thrashing death metal here… pure, simple and a real pleasure to listen to and to review.