DAWN OF PERCEPTION   «Fragments»  

Dawn of Perception strike from the depths of the German underground and deliver throughout the five songs of their debut demo what you may regard as fast paced melodic European death metal in a progressive way. Fans of In Flames (old works), Dark Tranquillity and other melodic death metal bands such as Night In Gales and Sacrilege (the glorious days of the New Wave of Swedish Death Metal)
will know exactly what to expect from this demo. «Fragments» shows lots of similarities with the «Sylphlike» demo their land mates of Night in Gales released more than ten years ago: agile yet melodic death metal hallmarked by excellent catchy speed picking guitar melodies. Vocals are grunted in a hoarse manner and the inclusion of clean vocal passages reinforce the melodic facet of Dawn of Perception’s musical universe. So if you’ve enjoyed the afore mentioned acts coupled with some more progressive (personal) backgrounds, then you are pretty much guaranteed to like «Fragments» as much if not more. A fine demo.