ANTHROFUGE   « Impaled In Comparison »  

This is not what I was waiting for. From the cover, I first though «Impaled In Comparison» would deliver some old school black metal but there is nothing to be compared to black metal throughout the six tracks of this album. The biography speaks about Suffocation, Entombed and Necrophagist and beside some Suffocation connections, I’m unable to link Anthrofuge’s music with any Entombed or Necrophagist albums. For my opinion, «Impaled In Comparison» is a mix of ultra slow paced black metal coupled with few grind surroundings that eventually keeps much of the same slow/ mid pace throughout. The ultra deep guttural vocal work appears soon to be one of the less convincing elements of Anthrofuge’s musical work…but on the other side, you can say it increase the heaviness of the whole project. After a while, it does get a bit dreary but remains reasonably enjoyable if you’re a fan of this kind of death metal. The last track is a little bit incomprehensible…Babyfoot maniacs???