The Czech (and totally unknown in our country) Abstract Essence are a promising act. In spite of what are surely a familiar musical background and a somewhat common approach, the band delivers surprisingly mature melodic Black Death metal. Band’ song-writers mix energizing melancholic / melodic passages (mainly supported by catchy guitar lines coupled with keyboards background) with the heaviness of a death metal act. The vocals vary between high-pitched black metal screams (Cradle Of Filth) and brutal death metal growling, the whole coupled with spoken passages put here and there for good measure…a combination often heard since the international success of albums such as «The Principle of Evil Made Flesh» and «Vempyre» which surprisingly works out pretty good here. Abstract Essence is hardly revolutionary or even original, but that being beside the point, they deliver a very mature and competent well balanced death black metal combination that is worthy of the time and the money you can spent to find a copy.