«Nordmann Nord Norsk Svartmetall»


Before receiving this almost fifty four minutes demo, I had absolutely no idea who skaur were an what they sounded like. The title «Nordmann Nord Norsk Svartmetall» rang a bell and the origin of Skaur’s musician : somewhere in the north of the norwegian territory was another clue for an inexperienced listener. The most immediate traits I notice were (beside the raw production job) the distorted guitar lines and the screamed ‘insane / psychotic’ vocal works. «Nordmann Nord Norsk Svartmetall» gets off to a strong start with primitive black metal compositions, hateful feeling and frozen riff guitar patterns… sure to induce “back to the roots” impression in many a listener, and as said the strange vocal works add another layer to the music. As a matter of fact, Skaur walk the same musical path as Burzum or even Old Funeral and the music recorded here shows lotsa similarities with material heard on «Abduction of Limbs», «Devoured Carcass» or «Aske». While the demo has that typical low-budged sound and therefore sounds a bit raw / harsh, the sound quality is good and «Nordmann Nord Norsk Svartmetall» is a must for all the first hour norwegian black metal fetishists.