DARTH   « Buttfucked By Destinity »    
Self Released


With such a typical and conventional cover (as well as hailing from the german ground), «Buttfucked By Destinity» was a self-produced album I wasn’t too interested in checking out. The german four pieces came into existence years ago and already released two demoworks. The debut cd «Buttfucked By Destinity» is, put quite simply, nine tracks of intense death metal with eventually very few grindnoise touches. Brightly, most of the tracks recorded here are heavy and fast but never too heavy or too fast, the music is intense and brutal but never stupidly so. On most of the aspects of this album, you can say many other bands do it faster, heavier or have more technique or more originality, but what Darth focus on is doing it well, always trying to find the right balance between all the aspects of their musical world. Perhaps not the most spectacular release of the last couple of months, but for what these guys do, they do it right.