ANTARES   « Made In Fear »    
Self Released


Not to be confused with the heavy metal Antares coming from Poland (see the «Run Away» review in our issue 31), this one comes from Slovakia and offers us eight death metal songs. «Made In Fear» is a mix of death and dark metal that’s a must have for nowadays metal fans. It’s quite difficult to place their sound exactly as Antares never sound like carbon copy of anything else. Antares combines death metal backgrounds with more dark depressive atmospheres and some strange keyboard surroundings. As a matter of fact, they sound to my ears as a kind of encounter between Desultory strange melodic dark metal («Bitterness» and «Into Eternity» era) and Agony depressive death metal (coming from the other side of the ex Czechoslavakia). Vocals on the eight tracks of «Made In Fear» would fit to both death and dark metal definition, ranging from guttural death metal work to more depressive growling. This is thus a very good album that without any doubt may delight lotsa nowadays death metal lunatics.