SHADOWLORD   « Scourge of heaven »    
Black Label Mgmt

SHADOWLORD comes from the Netherlands and already released ( in 2000) an interesting « Shadowlord empire » four tracks demo. After some line-up changes, the band comes back with a more mature project. Since the recording of this « Scourge of heaven », the band took on a female singer and a new keyborder.

Fast paced, melodic symphonic black metal that blends all-out nowadays black metal schemes with death metal guitar patterns and bits of doom. Don’t let me scare you describing SHADOWLORD as another symphonic black metal horde…as eventually, « Scourge of heaven » shows few connections with albums recorded by clowns such as THEATRE DES VAMPIRES or other CRADLE OF FILTH copycats. SHADOWLORD is a real band with its own musical concept. The musicianship is tight and proficient (especially for a band evolving in this scene). Main interesting element is for my opinion, the band’songwriting abilities, they can compose and arrange... alternating furious black death metal passages with accoustic intermezzo. Vocals parts also include different approaches and nicely compliment the band’s musical direction. A very good album…

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