SAMMATH   «Triumph In Hatred»    
Folter Rec / Apollon Rec


After a very nice «Dodengang» (already released through Folter some three years ago and already reviewed in those pages) here we have what is in my opinion the best Sammath release so far. If I wrote in my previous review of the band’s work that Sammath were are not amongst the fastest, most technical or even more extreme formation of the genre, things change quite a lot with this new full length, the band still delivers the right compromise between raw (old school) black metal (Immortal old works) coupled with the needed aggression of a death metal background but in a more violent way. Relying on both power and speed, Sammath create their own wall of sound. You can also encounter lotsa thrash black background added and there. You can hardly find «Triumph In Hatred» innovative or original but managing to combine catchy lines with hateful atmospheres is no easy feat, but on this album you will find both on every track. Very nice stuff from one of the most underestimated black band around.