Daemon Worship Productions


Swedish band Sadistic Grimness release their second full length and their first one for Daemon Worship. Differing greatly from the majority of Sweden’s death metal crowd, Sadistic Grimness offer brutality and bestiality above all else. It wouldn’t even be fair to label them as a Swedish death metal combo as they do add some of other influences to the music. Musically, there is surely a wider range of tempos than in your usual death metal release and the black metal matrix of the band is at times really obvious. Melody is also no stranger, although when Sadistic Grimness go full out, they create quite an impressive wall of sound. The shouted growling (like the rest of the music) are impressive and extreme, increasing in some ways the thrash metal surroundings of the whole project. Their strange penchant for including samples and atmospheric bridges within their songs, helps them to create their own oppressive insa(ta)nity. «Asteni» is thus in few words a very good work which must be part of your monthly purchase..