«Abysmal Incantations»

Daemon Worship Productions


I was going to say that this is eventually Insult’s first full-length but to my amazement what Daemon Worship Prod here released is the band’s both previous demos. What you get throughout «Abysmal Incantations» is some kind of standard Swedish death metal (in an old school way) coupled with mid-paced European death metal. Let’s say something like Entombed meeting Dismember the whole enriched by a huge Bolt Thrower background. It is thus standard European death metal delivered with the right enthusiasm. Those Swedish musicians can mix groovy guitar lines with some good old down tuned blasts, it perhaps lack of some identity but on the other side, it’s solid, efficient and thus ultra enjoyable. The production of the second demo is way more bombastic and those seven tracks are really interesting. To sum up, I would write this is a good release without making any major impact on the nowadays scene but the song-writing qualities and the musicianship displayed here are so obvious that I’m convinced the next work would be worth watching out for.