FUNERAL GOAT   «Mass Ov Perversion»    
Daemon Worship Productions


In some ways this review is rather sad, these black metal underdogs have been active in the mighty Sauron which unfortunately disappeared after the release of their third full-length titled «Channelling the Void» and released through Carnal Rec. Funeral Goat are the new project of Sauron’s rhythmic section and deliver here their first full length. This album (raw as it is) is eventually quite melodic, riffs are discernable and the song structures are quite reminiscent of some of the best black thrash albums unleashed by Necropolis Rec. Some of the band’s detractors might suggest that the music delivered throughout «Mass Ov Perversion» is quite generic and completely old-fashioned but I’d argue that Funeral Goat have developed their sound to a kind of natural equilibrium between thrash and black metal and maybe it’s almost impossible to develop it further. To sum things up, this album contains everything a true black metal album should have.