DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS   «Architecture of Realities»    
Daemon Worship Prod


Very, very nice disturbing music this. A masterpiece of progressive, haunting, ice-cold experimental chaotic death black metal. Take from this assertion what you want but be sure that this Dutch band has something different to offer. Impossible to describe this kind of stuff in some words. Black metal? Of course but you have to think about the most avant-garde Norwegian scene. Progressive black metal? Yes but in an experimental way, as encountered on the best elements of the Nocturnal Art Records catalogue. The aggression delivered here is more psychological than expressed in the sound. Some ‘futuristic’ approaches remind me of their land-mates of The Monolith Deathcult but they operate in a complete different environment. It’s as you can guessed very hard to dissect this «Architecture of Realities» because the product forms such a cohesive whole. If you just took the guitar department or the bass drums frameworks or anything else on its own it would be meaningless, it’s only when all those components are all together that the full impact become apparent. The last track is a complete different story and disagreeably closes this very original album. Forget it and you shall have in your hand one of the most innovative extreme metal album of the year.