EPIDEMIC SCORN   «Psycho Gourmet»  

I already reviewed both previous releases of this German band. Their music is what you can label as standard German groovy death metal with good guitar actions. Very German in sound and concept, the ‘in your face’ structures are excellently crafted. Varied tempos although generally fast, Epidemic Scorn deliver here six tracks of generic yet very efficient death metal. As musicians Epidemic Scorn without any doubt have what it takes to deliver this style of death metal with aplomb. On the other side, you can hardly regard «Psycho Gourmet as innovative or at least original but this is astonishingly the lack of identity that makes this new work interesting. Of course, you have already heard all of this before and on many occasions but Epidemic Scorn perfectly know how to make the whole thing work out and as a matter of fact, playing death metal is perfectly what those musicians can do. Nothing new under the German sun but a very enjoyable piece of death metal.