VIGRID   «Throne of Forest»    
Stygian CryptProductions


Introducing folk metal influences with what can only really be called dark metal (as in a sort of death doom mix with few black metal surroundings, without taking any particular attempt at being too exact) is the name of the game here. Almost doomesque in feeling and in tempo also despite folk metal background, «Throne of Forest» is the first full-length recorded by this Finnish seven pieces. The music is melodic and slow which nicely works with the screamed vocals but the whole concept lack of some brutality which is perhaps their main downfall. The tracks are not so captivating and while not bad at all, the songs seem to flow on un-purposefully without much of a real classic in sight. There are some particularly beautiful and delicate passages but I was expecting way more from Heorot’s members (those guys released some three years ago and on the same label a very nice album titled «Ragnarok»). To sum up, I’m sure «Throne of Forest» will appeal to those who like their folk metal a little softer and filled with melodic / melancholic moments. Not bad for sure but far from the ‘battlefields’ I was waiting for.