UNTIL DEATH OVERTAKES ME   «Days Without Hope»    
Marche Funebre Prod.


This Belgian one-man project has been receiving throughout the year top mark reviews everywhere (to be honest mainly in the drone / funereal metal orientated zines) but unfortunately this kind of background music isn’t my usual cup of tea. I don’t expect our land-mate Stijn van Cauter need any introduction as this multi-instrumentalist has been active and prominent in the funereal / drone / doom metal scene since the nineties and has already created lotsa projects such as In Somnis, The Ethereal or Pantheist amongst the most famous ones. Until Death Overtales Me is another sad project of van Cauter and I even get the feeling that describing «Days Without Hope» as doom metal gives the wrong impression about the music displayed throughout those seventy-five minutes. Eight tracks (already recorded some years ago) of quiet ultra repetitive themes is what we get here. It’s just too slow and uneventful for me really during the first half. As I feel asleep (for the fifth times running) at the end of «Careless, Painless, Far Away» I’m unable to say how the album ends….it’s so slow there is almost no rhythm.