THE LOVING TONGUE   «Shadows of Innocence»    
Big Tom’s Records


The Loving Tongue’s third full length release, «Shadows of Innocence» shows a market development from the 2003 «Distant Dreams» (already reviewed in those pages), the songs have a more definite structure and there is a greater variety of influences. What we get here is an eclectic album over seventy-five minutes in length, it includes the Sabbath’s cover of «Heaven and Hell» as a bonus (not sure it’s the right word). The first track «Tears of A Unicorn» sets the tone for the album. To label the music displayed by those Aussies as progressive heavy metal with lotsa heavy rock influences wouldn’t be unfair as names such as Fates Warning, Queensryche or Dream Theatre regularly come to your mind at the listen of the album. Unfortunately, the vocals are downright crap, the high-pitched screams are completely out of control and even King Diamonds can’t do worse. There is more of a Maiden slant, with some of the guitar passages sounding slightly N.W.O.B.H.M. but for my opinion, the vocal, lines undermine most of the impact of the atmospheres created here.