Cyclone Empire / Sure Shot Worx


Follow-up to the already very nice «Days Of Nothing» album released some three years ago now on Candlelight records and that already showed the band tapping in on both gothic dark metal approach and some kind of doom metal surroundings, «Oionos» is another huge step in The Foreshadowing’s international recognition. Alternating blends of doom with an all out gothic background isn’t really the most innovative approach and as a matter of fact you can hardly regarded «Oionos» as an original release. On the other side the material delivered is very interesting, mainly half / slow paced and above all sufficiently diversified referring to both concept and song individuality (something really welcome in this day when so many bands seem to repeat endlessly the same basic framework). The more you listen to this album, the more you like it, the songs grow on you each time and even the «Russian»’s cover (Sting classic already covered some months ago by our land-mates of Manic Movement) is a nice addition to the album. Strong musicianship, intelligent song-writing, nice vocal approach and a good art-work, this is a very competent album recorded by a band set to go far…