SVARTTHRON   «Kraujo Estetika»    
Inferna Profundus Records


These Lithuanian musicians have been in existence for five years now and «Kraujo Estetika» already is their fifth full-length (their second ones on Inferna Profundus) and to be honest I’ve managed to completely miss all of their earlier material. On the musical ground, Svartthron adopt a style that is more atmospheric (and thus less aggressive) than your typical old school black metal band, I guess you could call «Kraujo Estetika» slow paced black metal and the album shows originality is not always high on the band’s list of priorities. If Svartthron can hardly be regarded as innovative or at least original on the musical ground, their singer Levas often tries to avoid the usual black metal screaming with a strange and almost unbearable accent. The singer also adds some clean vocal works which are at best strange but often out of tunes. Perhaps a question of taste as this kind of weird vocal works seem to be quite popular in the ex Eastern bloc countries (Root are another example of those strange vocal works). As other products on Inferna Profundus Records, «Kraujo Estetika» benefits some a very classy art-work but the general level of the album didn’t reach the expectations created by the visual.