STURMPERCHT   «Schattenlieder»    
Steinklang Records


These Germans already released three full-lengths and I’ve managed to completely miss all of their earlier material. This is eventually not really surprising as the band delivers what their label describes as Alpine Folk (a kind of crossing between neo folk music and more traditional Austrian, south Bavarian Folk). «Schattenlieder» is way more dynamic than most of the albums recently released through the Austrian label but this is still far from what I have the use to listen to. For my opinion, the use of the German language reinforces the local connotation of the project but can also be an important break for a more international recognition. I’m pretty convinced those musicians are so anchored in their local cultures that they laugh of a possible international recognition (what for a Germanic folk band is rather a proof of intelligence). Fans of Alpine Folk, «Schattenlieder» must be your next purchase.