STAHLWERK 9   «RetroMekanik»    
Steinklang Records


Despite the French speaking intro and a cool art-work, I sort of knew this «RetroMekanik» wasn’t for me right after hearing the first track (this assertion can be used with most of the Steinklang promos received). It’s not actually so easy to write a review of something. Stahlwerk 9 come from Germany and play industrial noise and that’s all there is. I hate this kind of stuff but then again I’m not the most open minded reviewer, so I’ll let you with the label’s own words: “This album is a masterpiece of old-school Industrial / Power-Electronics.
Probably the most powerful album Stahlwerk 9 ever did, the album consists of unreleased songs, recorded between 1999 and 2007 for various never released compilations as well as some other unreleased songs from the band's early years and 2 perfectly recorded and exclusive live-songs”.