Stygian Crypt Prod.


I’ve had this album in my car cd player for a while and after listening to it quite a lot, I have come to the conclusion that it is a very interesting (but hardly innovative) piece of gothic death metal. Screaming From The Oblivion are a band that appears to have thought out their music quite well. The music is ‘melodic metal’ if I can use the term and seems to take a hell of a lot of the gothic scene influences and while the clean vocal works are an attempt to create identity, I don’t think they really succeed. Vocals aside (and this is simply a question of taste), we have here a very feel good music quite easy to get into (even after a very short while). Nothing new at all but very pleasant and the whole product strikes me as being very balanced and very professional gothic dark metal without any industrial surrounding totally independent of any current trends which is another bonus. Nothing groundbreaking but a nice contribution to the melodic / melancholic scene.