SATAN’S HOST   «Assault Of Evil»    
Moribund Records


In some ways, this review is quite sad as this is the last one for this zine. A zine created more than twenty years ago by old-mate Stephane. But on the other hand, I am very satisfied to end this long experience with Satan’s Host. This (really underground) DVD is my star pick this month. Satan’s Host music is no way original, it’s surely not something that will cause your jaw to drop with amazement by due of its new ideas but if you like your music true (right so), underground (right so) and efficient as hell then this band is your heaven. If albums such as «The Great American Scapegoat 666» or «Burning the Born Again…(A New Philosophy) » (my fave) don’t get you raising your fist then what the hell are you reading those pages and listening to this kind of music.