ORDEN OGAN   «Easton Hope»    
AFM / Rock Inc


I was going to say that this is Blind Guardian’s come-back full-length but to my amazement, this is the third album of another band playing this kind of ultra formatted music. Just listen to the second track of the album «Nobody Leaves» and you shall understand what I mean. The production is absolutely top-notch, crisp and clear with a real power as any powermetal album should be. As far as the music is concerned it couldn’t really be much better if you like this kind of stuff (worse for the other ones), choirs, ballads coupled with some more fast paced passages…Main problem, this radio friendly genre has been done so many times that I’m left feeling like I’ve heard it all before (so many times). What can you say when you’re confronted with an album which interests you as much as a Benny Hill show? Of course there are still people who find the idea to watch Benny Hill quite exciting, so maybe they are the same people who shall like this stuff. I can find nothing in this CD to recommend it, so I won’t waste any more time on telling you that it’s crap without any kind of identity.