MISERERE LUMINIS   «Miserere Luminis»    
Northern Silence Productions


Miserere Luminis is what you can regard as a one shot project created by members of Gris (Icare + Neptune) and Sombres Forêts (Annatar) and what we get here throughout the album is a little bit different than the music created by those Canadian musicians coming from the French speaking city Quebec. Miserere Luminis are thus from the depressive black metal school, however, it wouldn’t be fair to label the project merely as an encounter of the idea delivered in both projects. Of course, you can directly guess the original matrix of «Miserere Luminis» but those three musicians / composers do add some other characteristics to the music as witnessed by the presence of some post rock influences. You can use some of the most depressive black metal bands to describe Miserere Luminis ‘sound as Katatonia or Amesoeurs (see elsewhere in our cd reviews section) coupled with degenerating sections a la Forgotten Tomb or even Skepticism. The musicianship is flawless and the song writing is intelligent. The production is also very good and allows all instruments to shine. Excellent intimist stuff. A project to discover mainly if the above mentioned acts mean something for you.