LORD AGHEROS   "Of Beauty and Sadness"    
My Kingdom Music


I already reviewed both previous full-lengths recorded by this Italian (from Sicily if I’m right) one man project and what we get here throughout the ten ethereal tracks of its third album is once again some kind of ambient metal coupled with few more black metal orientated passages. As witnessed by the album’s title, Evangelou Gerassimos (the musician behind the project) delivers depressive atmospheres coupled with the needed melody. The song-writer tried to find the right balance between orchestral music and more metal surrounding. As usual with this kind of one-man project, the keyboard lines are the prominent feature of the music without being too dominant here but there are still some themes which may benefit from a shortening of their length. Hugely emotional (as the other releases of the band), this album is well worth any money you have to spend trying to get a copy…at least, if Gerossimos’ both previous releases are in your cd collection.