LLVME   «Fogeira De Suenos»    
My Kingdom Music


Now, this I can honestly say is probably one of the best pieces of doom metal coming from the Spain territory for ages, and I suppose the reason for that is that this is a lot more death metal than anything else. «Fogeira De Suenos» is labelled by My Kingdom as a Pagan Doom metal release and indeed the album is ‘doomesque’ in length and in feeling but it never lacks of the needed energy and bestiality. To be honest, the whole thing despite some weaknesses (it’s quite obvious that we have to make with a first full-length) points to be a pretty judicious mix of all the aforementioned genres and album is thus in fact surprisingly varied. The guttural vocals reinforce the old school ‘doomesque’ feeling and some strong Celestial Season; Phlebotomized influences come to the surface at diverse occasions. Eventually, a tad more identity and a little bit more maturity are all that is need as the band seems to already have enough ideas to attract the listener’s attention from the first to the last second.