LESHAK   «Chertovorot»    
Stygian Crypt Prod.


You can always rely on the Russian label Stygian Crypt Productions to unearth the more obscure folk metal projects from somewhere. This Leshak also come from the cold Russia (Moscow if I’m right) and what we get here is their first full length even if I get the impression that describing «Chertovorot» as a full length gives the wrong impression as the album only delivers twenty six minutes of music (combined with one outro and one intro). Generally more aggressive and faster in pace than most of the folk orientated productions coming nowadays, this is a very enjoying piece of folkish death metal album. The vocals are guttural and increase the general impact of most of the themes created. Musically the band couples death metal framework (sometimes reminiscent of Amorphis first era) with flute lines which include the needed melody. As musicians, (as witnessed by the very interesting «Shulikuns’ Dances» this young Russian act certainly has what it takes to pull this style of music off with aplomb. Good work.