LAMENT OF SILENCE   «Restart Your Mind»    
My Kingdom Music


If you’re a fan of Swedish (Gothenburg orientated) melodic modern death metal (to be honest, I don’t really know if this kind of stuff can still be labelled as death metal) ala In Flames, Scar Symmetry an all the likes, then you might want to shift your attention to the first full length from Catalonian’s Lament of Silence. On the other side, if the words ‘in the vein of At The Gates with a huge deathcore surrounding’ bring forth another groan then you better go to the next review. To be honest I’m not the worlds biggest melodeathcore lunatic. The general concept is complete antichrist to my vision of death metal, this kind of happy / friendly / teenagers dedicated melodic watered down death music is the antithesis to my ideal of insane music. Now, ignoring the howls of million bands out there delivering this kind of ultra formatted stuff (shouted vocals coupled with clean lines, melodic guitar lines, fast patterns and here gothic orientated keyboard lines), I have to admit, «Restart Your Mind» isn’t the worst piece of modern metal I heard this year. The band delivers the right mixture between all the above mentioned elements and knows how to make the whole thing works out. Definitely not my world…I’m surely too old now.