KLAMMHEIM   «Heimwarts»    
Steinklang Records


As (stupidly) we promoted our zine with the assertion “each stuff received shall be air-played at our weekly radio-show and reviewed in those pages”, I have to face the fact we have to deal with the whole Steinklang back catalogue which almost without exception bores our pants. Klammheim are without any doubt a very good Austrian Pagan folk band but this is so far from our usual musical territories that I’m unable to endure their music. So once again, I’ll let you with the info printed on the label promo sheet: “If you’re a Neofolk aficionado familiar with Steinklang’s Pagan Folk collection, or the Austrian club scene, Klammheim should be a name you’ve noticed. And now Klammheim’s debut album is here. Heimwärts is a collection of melancholic, soft-spoken and acoustic folk songs that occasionally reveal Klammheim’s roots in heaver, rockier sounds. The album is based around the longing for the Heimat, the mythical homeland of German romantics. HELP !!!!!