ETERNAL CRY   «The Garden of Dead Flowers»    
Self Released


A strange release from this Spanish Eternal Cry, their second album but their first one (titled «Eternal Cry») was recorded more than ten years ago. «The Garden of Dead Flowers» is based on doom metal but is not really depressive in any way. It also features some death metal elements but none of the recorded tracks is really aggressive. They also use a female vocalist (coupled with the usual growling) but her approach is far from what we have the use to encounter with most of the gothic metal divas. «The Garden of Dead Flowers» is an album recorded by a band tapping in on different musical approaches, something you can perhaps label as dark heavy rock. The song structures are pretty different; in fact this is very eclectic rock metal music which only really uses doom metal to give it a starting point. Perhaps the album is a little bit too long (12 songs for a total playing time of almost fifty-five minutes) and it’s at times difficult to hold the attention for longer periods of time. The ideas are here really valid but the attraction (perhaps due to the linear female vocal work) fades after a short while. No bad music at all but I get the feeling the album would have more interesting with some variety in the vocals and more dynamics in the musical structures.