ENDLESS JOURNEY   «Endless Journey / Melancholy»    
Backfire Prod. / Stygian Crypt Prod.


This is Endless Journey’s first full-length and if I’m right «Endless Journey / Melancholy» is the combination of both demos recorded and released by the band till now. «Endless Journey / Melancholy» is a bit strange, it smacks of old-school (slow paced) black metal style but without the necessary amount of hate and bestiality to fit that genre. The lyrics seem cheesy and the vocals are perhaps a little bit too linear (and to prominent in the mix) but the music is quite good in a depressive dark doom sort of way. The drums works isn’t that original and for my opinion lacks of the needed identity. This really underground kind of album would probably appeal to old school depressive black metal fans but it’s a bit too cheesy for my liking (and this unbearable drums work bores me to death – why do they give this job to a one-leg drummer?).