DUAL-COMA   «Wake Me Up»    
Self Released


Hayyyy, my old friends from Poland here. If I’m right I already reviewed all their previous efforts (from the «Decode The Human» demo recorded in 1996 to this one: their first full-length). I’d be lying if I said that I like everything this band have recorded but I have the upmost respect for a band that keeps on going demo after demo and don’t really care of a possible international recognition. Their enthusiasm and dedication are in diverse ways really communicative. To be honest, Dual-Coma play now some post modern deathcore metal that I really don’t like but for the above mentioned reasons I almost changed my mind. In terms of musicianship and song-writing, «Wake Me Up» don’t really manage to stand out from the crowd but if you are into this kind of music, those Polish musicians have the needed ‘feeling’ to make the whole thing work out.