DPERD   «Io Sono Un Errore»    
My Kingdom Music


What an apt title (if I’m right it means something like I’m an error) I know I’m being horribly (and stupidly) arrogant but spending some constructive criticism on «Io Sono Un Errore» in those pages is as pointless as creating another black metal one man project with an old Casio. Dark Wave music of a type that I really don’t like as the band absolutely has no connection with the metal scene. I’m so biased against this genre that I bend over backwards to find positive things to say… but here nothing is coming. Perhaps it’s the depressive female vocal work. Perhaps the feeling that I already heard this kind of stuff so many times before…I still don’t really see the reason to listen to psychedelic dark wave music but that is definitely a personal thing and as you know I’m surely not the most open-minded listener, so make your own opinion.