CHTHONIAN   «The Preachings of Hate Are Lord»    
Woodcut Records


I know I’m horribly unfair but usually spending some constructive criticism on death black metal hybrid is as pointless as watching some reality-TV show on the cable. As you know I don’t always praise the virtues of conventional music and to be honest «The Preachings of Hate Are Lord» is the perfect example of traditional death black metal crossing. This kind of stuff is already heard for ages and Chthonian’ second full-length don’t bring in something innovative or even at least new to the scene but this bastard of a record destroys everything and severely so. No need for a fight, «The Preachings of Hate Are Lord» can be summarized in few words: no originality whatsoever and yet this manages to avoid sounding excessively mainstream, the vocals of Vreth are guttural and nicely complement the band’s musical direction. Nil points for originality but Chthonian are probably one of Europe’s top death / black metal bands at the moment. Great.