CEBREN-KHAL   «A Mass Of Despair»    
Self released


I already reviewed some five long years ago now, the first demo-work of this French band and what I get here is their second studio visit already released two or three years ago. «A Mass Of Despair» finds a band tapping in on different styles and atmospheres. Some tracks are doom in both structure and pace, some other ones are almost pure hateful black death metal, nothing really innovative but not everyone wants to hear new stuff all the time. Cebren-Khal musicians play well and the production is strong (mainly for a self released album). The varied tempo (between the five tracks but also within each single composition) is welcome in this day when so many bands seem to think that speed equals heaviness. The use of keyboards is effective, working as a kind of musical background to add the suitable eerie feel. I don’t know how the French act sounds like in 2010 as «A Mass Of Despair» is quite old now but I hope they are still walking the same quality path. A very good job for a large array of death / doom / melodic black metal listeners.