BLOODY SIGN   «Chaos Echoes»    
Blood Harvest Records


When you put this one for the first time into your CD-player you think American orientated death metal with the needed bestiality created by numerous blast beats, razor-like guitar schemes and impressive rhythmic section. This was my first feeling about this «Chaos Echoes» and after several careful (and ultra enjoyable) other listens, I arrive to the conclusion that the third full-length recorded by the French Bloody Sign has almost nothing to do with the American Death metal wave, delivering more of an European death metal side with touches of Bolt Thrower, My Darkest Hate and the likes. Bloody sign are not your typical death metal band even if their music can hardly be described as something else. This album features ten songs of what could be termed oppressive different death metal. Not much help I know but they are a pretty unique band (even if they use the same ingredients as most of the death metal band on earth). Overall, an interesting and above all ultra enjoyable album that is well worth checking out if death metal is your thing.