BLOOD CULT   «We Are The Cult of the Plains»    
Moribund Records


Sort of musical melting pot here. I don’t know why they label their stuff as Redneck Black metal. «We Are The Cult of the Plains» is supposed to unleash headbanging tempos, anthemic lead guitars, mondo atmospheres, hell’s rock and roll the whole in a rocking black metal attack. Take from this description what you want but for my opinion this kind of stuff is neither interesting nor violent nor (despite their description) original at all but rather repetitive, monotonous and boring. There are some not too bad solos added here and there but those ones are drowned in songs of pure boredom. Their ‘raw’ sound (nothing else than a raw production) combined with the absence of real bestiality will I think prevent this band from progressing much further…A special mention for the unbearable vocal lines which range from monotonous to ridiculous.