BLACK SUN AEON   «Routa»    
Cyclone Empire / Sure Shot Worx


This is a brilliant idea, a double concept CD, the first part featuring seven tracks of pure Finnish gothic doom metal and the second walking the path of a more energetic slow paced death dark metal. During the first half, Black Sun Aeon play ethereal gothic dark doom metal in a pretty cool way. This band seems to have that national aura of competency. Tuomas Saukkonen (already encountered on projects such as Before The Dawn, Dawn of Solace, Jumalhamara or more recently The Final Harvest) adopts a style that finds its roots in the most depressive works of Sentenced. Those songs are really beautiful yet interesting and despite a normal lack of violence, they all can catch the listener’s attention from the first to the last second. For about the first half of the album I wasn’t thus really surprised as Finnish style dark metal was what was on offer. For the second half (titled «Talviyo»), it changes, totally changes into an amazing display of melancholic death metal. Excellent really, a take on melodic slow paced death music that really appeals to my taste. No need for a fight, «Routa» is typically the kind of album you need to discover by yourself as it features so many different moods and atmospheres that everybody will delight it in one way or another.