BEHOLDER   «The Awakening»    
Lime Records


English heavy metal of the modern variety, but really enjoyable. I even get the feeling that describing «The Awakening» as English heavy metal gives the wrong impression about the music delivered by this five pieces. It’s mainly in the guitar department that Beholder show its connection with the traditional N.W.O.B.H.M., the riffing is continuously well intertwined with catchy guitar melodies which feature the needed solo action. The songs are well structured and feature a lot of quality riffs. Even if this kind of music isn’t my usual cup of tea, I’ve found it hard not to nod my head to this one as some tracks are so damn catchy. The vocals are powerful and brightly avoid the high-pitched regions and that way nicely follow the musical direction choose by the band. «The Awakening» is heavy as fuck and if nowadays powermetal releases are too cheesy for you, you can without any doubt buy this.