AVSKY   «Scorn»    
Moribund Records


This wasn’t really a big surprise, and with this assertion I mean the fact that «Scorn» is a very nice album. In few words, the third full length of this Sweden based two pieces can de defined as black metal in its purest misanthropic / schizophrenic form. Nowadays the label ‘black metal’ is quite generic (from melodic music – Dimmu Borgir, Illnath- to more folk orientated or even gothic like opera such as encountered on last C.O.F. albums). If I quote acts such as Darkthrone (second era), Burzum or even Mayhem (first period), one should get a clear and better picture of the kind of black metal Avsky are into. The duo has a very Nordic and old school sound that is fuelled by repetitive guitar schemes, slow paced bass drums frameworks and haunting screaming vocal works. The combination of repetitive riffage and rather slow song structures compliments the impact of the songs even if some themes may benefit from a shortening of their length. Nevertheless, «Scorn» is a very competent hypnotic effort. I like.