AVATAR   «Avatar»    
Gain Music Entertainment


Like a lot of their similarly domiciled compatriots (too many to be quoted), Avatar opt for that melodic form of heavy / death metal. The band started way back in 2001 when drummer John Alfredsson and vocalist Christian Rimmi got together under the moniker Lost Soul. It would be five years before they recorded their debut «thoughts of No tomorrow» (already on Gain Music). I’ve never really be enamoured with this genre and hence avatar have completely passed me by. So I can’t compare this third full-length with the band’s previous records but (and it’s almost funny considering the slating I gave to the recent Eversin release…) what I’m hearing here makes me think it might be worth investigating. Swedish melodeath has clearly been a big influence on avatar’s sound, but their third full-length has clearly a bit more variety to offer, often veering off into old-school heavy metal territories with catchy choruses which counterbalance the growled vocal highlights. Although the band fits very comfortably in the style, they offer enough diversity and identity to stand out among the competition.