ARGHARUS   «Pleistas»    
Inferna Profundis Records


«Pleistas» is the debut album from Lithuania’s Argharus. The band was founded in 2004 and only released till now one split CD on Ledo Takas Records. The band name, album title, and superb cover artwork all suggest some kind of original music and indeed what Argharus musicians offer is supreme (progressive) black metal with a melodic slant. For my opinion the band’s song-writers have struck a wonderful balance between heaviness / brutality and atmospherics, with a continuous melancholic (Norwegian black metal influenced) feeling throughout the album. All of the songs here are long constructions with a tendency to build the right insane background. Along with the almost progressive and melodic bits, Argharus inject a large hint of old school black metal with some guitar schemes that sound like something you might find on ice-cold Norwegian black metal classics. Main disappointing / strange element is for my opinion concentrated on the vocal work (between Attila Csihar and Big Boss) which at times seems too demonstrative. All in all Argharus have made a really impressive debut album.