ARES KINGDOM   «Incendiary»    
Nuclear War Now Prod


Every day, some cds find their way to my mailbox for me to review. Mostly there are good to average pieces of death / black / doom metal, some are real stinker and once in a while one that shines out as a real classic. The second full-length of Missouri five pieces Ares Kingdom is my star pick this month. It’s no way extraordinary original, it’s not really something that will cause your jaws to drop with its news ideas and innovative structures but if you like old school death metal coupled with nice heavy background the whole coupled with some Trey Azagthoth guitar lines then «Incendiary» is your next big thing. Think Bolt Thrower coupled, Order From Chaos with guitar lines in a Morbid Angel-esque manner and you can understand the kind of music played here. I even get the feeling that quoting Azagthoth gives the wrong impression about the guitar lines delivered here as both axemen never forget to add the needed catchiness to their structures. Great songs, very good musicianship, catchiness, melodic bestiality…everything we are waiting for. As already said, a real classic.