ANACHRONAEON   «The Futile Quest For Immortality»    
Stygian Crypt Prod.


Anachronaeon are no newcomers in the Swedish death metal scene. I already reviewed the classy music played by both musicians under their previous moniker Human Failure (see our old paper format issue). «The Futile Quest For Immortality» sounds like a cross between melodic Swedish death metal and progressive heavy metal. Don’t let me scare you with this description as the ‘label’ Swedish death metal is far from what we have the use to listen to with tons of boring nowadays melodeath bands. Anachronaeon compose melodic music upon a death metal matrix but stay as far as possible of the boring ‘core’ path. Beginning with « The Futile Quest», the band sets the tone of its musical universe with melodic guitar work, a solid bass / drums frameworks which include the needed bridges and rhythm changes. As the album continues, you start to get the feeling that some more progressive touches are added here and there and as a matter of fact, «The Futile Quest For Immortality» features way more variations that you was first waiting for. Overall, this new work is for my opinion an improvement on the bands (already very interesting) previous efforts and has introduced a new diversity to their style. Very nice.